Protecting our customers’ privacy is of utmost importance to None of the customer information is disclosed or sold to any third party expect as is stated in this Privacy Policy. This policy sets forth the measures by which we collect and use user information which is provided to us our website. It also states the choices which are available to you regarding our usage of your information that you provide on the website and the processes by which you can get access to the said information and update/delete them.

Information Collection: All the information collected through different points on the website by stays under the sole custody of This information is primarily used for the benefit of the customer throughout different processes, and to create a much more seamless experience for the end users. Fulfilling your orders, responding to your service requests, sending you information which you requested about certain products and services, administering surveys, contests, or lottos that you may have entered, and improving the overall feel of the UI are the reasons for which your personal information is collected by us. We reserve the right to disclose your information if and when required by law, and when it is believed by us that the disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with a court order, judicial proceeding, or any form of legal process. We may also purchase additional data pertaining to our customers from third party providers and combine that with our present database to understand customers’ requirements and enhance our marketing strategies.

Cookies and Other Technologies: To understand our practices regarding Cookies, first, you need to understand what they are. A cookie is a small text file which is sent by our server to your computer/mobile, or whatever device you are using to access our website, and that file is sent back to us by your device every time you visit our website. Cookies are used by us to uniquely identify our customers so that we can associate the user files pertaining to that customer from our database (such as search history on our website, products viewed etc.) and in enabling the shopping basket. Cookies can be disabled/deleted by you from your browser preferences/settings. If cookies are disabled on your browser then our website will not recognize you or have any access to your previous browsing data on our website, which may lead to you not getting access to some parts of our website. In addition to this, we and our partners use technologies similar to cookies to administer the website, analyse usage trends, track customers’ movements around the site, and to gather demographic and preferential information about our whole customer base. None of this information is uniquely identifiable for a single customer, as the data is collected in bulk, and then analysed on a macro scale. Clear gifs email is used by us when sending notifications/advertisements to customers, as that lets us know which of our emails are being opened by the customers and which are not. This helps us in getting a better idea about the effectiveness of certain communications and whether our marketing campaign is working properly or not. If you wish to opt out of these email communications then you can do so by clicking the “unsubscribe” link which is present in all our emails. There are also third party advertisement on display on our website, which may use your browsing details to customize their ads for you. If you wish to bar them from using this information then you can also opt out whenever you wish.

Information Disclosure and the Choices You Have: All your personal information is protected as per the laws of the Indian Government and none of it is shared with third party websites except as described in this privacy policy. An outside shipping company is used to deliver all users’ products on our behalf, an email service provider communicates to our customers and sends advertisements unless someone opts out of the service, and a credit/debit card processing company deals with the transactions which are done online on our website. All these service providers do not retain, store, share, or use any of your personal data collected during transaction or at any other stage of the process. All our users are given the option to “opt out” of having the information they have provided used for purposes which are not directly concerned with our website when such information is collected from them in the first place. Users who want to opt out of our email advertisement services or our email notification service have the option to do so by clicking the “unsubscribe” links on our emails or by contacting us through the provided channels on our “contact us” page. Our website might contain links which lead to other websites or services. Please be aware that we do not hold any responsibility for the privacy practices or policies of such websites or services.

Ability to Update/Correct/Delete User Information: When accessing our website, all users are requested to create an account which holds all the user’s personal data such as name, address, contact details, etc. This will help you in placing and managing your orders as you don’t have to enter the addresses every time you place an order, and you can access all your past and present orders. All the information provided by you can easily be edited by on the “Account” page of our website. The information provided by you is protected by us as stated under the “Privacy Policy” header. If you want to do so, you can easily delete your account on our website, which will erase all your personal information that you have provided, from our website.

Contacting Us: If you have any confusion about the privacy policies stated above and any of the following points made on this page or if you need to deactivate your account or make any changes therein, you can contact us through the following channels. We will respond to you within a reasonable time frame.